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Technology has remarkably changed the way we live today, there is no denial to it. Compared with our ancestors, we stand far away from them in using different technologies for our day-to-day works. So many technologies are developed in the past couple of years that have revolutionized our lives, and it’s impossible to list each of them.

As it is always stated, that technology has made living much more comfortable in the present scenario; instead, technology has a vital role in shaping the world to make it comfortable for us human beings. It is not just a phenomenon of today but it has been a persistent phenomenon since the world exists. Technology with its consistency has not just comforted people during their daily routine but has also shaped up people’s life for their betterment.

As parents, we have all fought against our children who are absorbed into a video game or movie on an iPad, tablet or smartphone. We had a better chance to draw Tom Cruise’s attention to the red carpet than our children.

Today, two-year-old children often use iPads, primary school students connected to video games, and we all suffer (or live) with the challenge of detaching a junior high school student from the computer long enough to have a decent meal……

Technology is everywhere and its use by children is obvious, but does technology help our children learn?

Technology is becoming more and more social, adaptive and personalized, and as a result can be a fantastic learning tool. This said that, as parents, we need to set limits.

Today, the software connects children to online learning communities, tracks children’s progress through lessons and games, and adapts each student’s experience.

Help your child understand that technology is just one of many learning tools. Download educational games, read books and conduct research. When your child asks a question, look for answers on the Internet.

Before you press the off button, think about how you can maximise the time your child can spend learning at home and school.

Computers, smartphones, and tablets don’t go away, but with a few improvements and considerations, you can make your child’s technology productive, educational and fun!

Let’s be honest. Most children can use mice, open and closed apps, and even browse the Internet at the age of three.

Once they have the cognitive skills, it’s time to talk to your child about online safety.

Establish clear guidelines and online safety rules for what types of media are acceptable, and carefully support and monitor your child’s use of technology.

Tell your child never to share his or her name, address or personal information on the Internet or social media.

Talk to your child about what to do if he or she encounters inappropriate content (close the screen and alert you) and make sure you have a high-quality web filter and security system.