3 applications that strengthen parent-teacher communication

Phone calls, e-mails, and parent-teacher conferences are some of the most common ways to connect with teachers, but not necessarily the most convenient. Both you and the teachers may be too busy during the day to call and send emails. Sometimes, it can also be hard to try to talk to the teacher when you’re dropping off or picking up your child at school. You’ll ask your child about his or her school day, but he or she may not give you many details either. For those reasons, you’ll have to find better ways to connect to what’s going on in class.

Your child’s teacher may choose to communicate through one of the following parent-teacher communication applications. That way you can easily receive notifications and keep up with what’s going on in the classroom every day.


This free application is perfect for younger students since teachers can use it to reward students’ abilities by assigning points according to their effort and daily work. The use of this application also allows children to share their achievements and daily work through picture messages. The teacher can also share photos, videos and advertisements in Class Story or send you private messages. As a parent, you can easily join the class using your cell phone, tablet, or computer. Importantly, ClassDojo automatically translates messages into more than 30 languages so you can communicate even if you don’t speak English.


Remind offers a free way to send instant text messages between parents and teachers from a cell phone. Teachers can send reminders, homework assignments, or other messages directly to parents. These messages can include documents, photos, and also video. Also, in Remind, none of the other parents will be able to see your phone number, so you can maintain a certain level of privacy. Another advantage is that the teacher can add automatic notifications so that all parents are informed when she’s out of the classroom. With Remind, you’ll also be able to communicate even if you don’t speak English, since messages can be translated into more than 70 languages.


Edmodo is a safe and easy way for teachers and parents to communicate for free. Among many other functions, teachers can create accounts for each student, quickly create groups, assign assignments, tests, and manage each student’s progress. The teacher can also send out weekly newsletters or communicate directly with parents when needed. The teacher can also share assignments, announcements and important dates, events and reminders. That way you’ll always be up to date. Edmodo can be translated into 19 different languages, including Spanish.

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