7 Simple Steps and Plugins to Increase the Security of Your WordPress Web Site

In this article we are going to touch important points when it comes to give security and maintenance to your website built with WordPress.

We have already written in this blog about Basic WordPress Security Tips.

If you want to know the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com go in and read these articles.


WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which is the best? and What is Needed to Install the WordPress.ORG Platform?


If you are already building your business with WordPress and its wide variety of plugins (Enter and read our recommendation of the Best WordPress Plugins) then this article will serve as a guide of what you need to do to give technical support to your WordPress or find help from experts who can help you with your WordPress needs.

You’ve spent hours and hours searching for information on Google and only find posts in forums that have no answers to your problems and most of this information is in English and may not be your native language.

There is a problem with so much information about WordPress that you have to spend hours looking for the solution to your problem and many times (if the problem is not so popular) the answer is not found.

Then the next solution is going to be to find someone you know who is an expert in WordPress or hire a developer.

This can take days or weeks to find a reliable person to take care of your WordPress website.

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