Big data, the key to the new digital gold

We live in a sea of data. Internet, mobile devices, social networks… Throughout the day each one of us generates a lot of information, so much so that our mobile device is able to predict exactly what we are going to do tomorrow or if last year around this time we were looking for a gift for our partner who is now on sale in this store or the other. We leave record of virtually everything we do. This new environment even allows us to interact with brands, offering with each interaction useful information about what as a customer I want and expect.

This situation to which we are very accustomed can become the key in the commercial strategy of any company: “To know the behavior of the client or the market”.

Aware of the infinite possibilities that this data offers from a commercial and business point of view, the most advanced companies have made great investments in what is commonly known as Big Data. We could say that it is something that everyone talks about but whose unlimited possibilities not everyone knows.

It is frequent that Big Data is associated with technology as if it were one more computer tool whose management and responsibility falls exclusively on the CIOs. In fact, until now the CIO and the CMO worked absolutely independently, but the digital revolution has changed everything. A new paradigm is emerging in which technology and business will have to work hand in hand collecting and deciphering large volumes of data that allow intelligent decisions to be made.

When both departments work aligned, the technology will offer the necessary tools to the business department; thus, through a thorough knowledge of the client, commercial policies will be defined that translate into higher sales and better margins.

The paradigm shift is so great that even companies are demanding new professional profiles that do not exist in the market.

With this unique approach in the market that combines technology and business, Unir Advanced Studies has designed its advanced Big Data for Leaders program. Under a methodology that adjusts to the demanding agenda of professionals and managers combining live online sessions with face-to-face networking sessions, it offers the possibility of knowing how large companies understand this new paradigm.

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